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ProSolar Online – is Zimbabwe's leading online solar power and energy journal. It is positioned as an impartial industry mouthpiece, delivering the latest technical developments, breaking news and analysis in both print and digital formats.

ProSolar Online presents unique market opportunities to both buyers and sellers; facilitating sector stakeholder engagement through key event media partnerships and through our website and online presents in Zimbabwe.

ProSolar Online uses various routes to build a bridge between readers and solution providers as Zimbabweans sift through the daily noise and deliver the tale of Zimbabwe's energy power and water transformation to the African and global market.

Our portfolio includes:

1. ProSolar Online: Our website – ProSolar Systems– covers breaking news from across Zimbabwe’s power sector, and offers access to details of the latest tenders, technical white papers and conference presentations. We send out daily and weekly online articles so you never miss a story that is affecting your business.
ProSolar Journal

2. Magazine: The monthly magazine distributed as a pdf has become a trusted and relied upon source of in-depth industry solar systems insight and analysis. Our journalists are prominent in the market and are respected for understanding the on-point issues facing utilities, energy providers and technology developers.

The editorial content covers topics such as smart energy, renewable technologies, base-load generation, transmission and distribution, technology and skills and development.

We publish special reports on the people and projects impacting Zimbabwe's electricity sector. Our handbooks are valuable guides to the industry’s key movers and shakers who are shaping Africa’s energy future to include the most sustainable and efficient systems.

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We Are A Dedicated Solar Energy Company in Zimbabwe.

Pro Solar Solutions is a solar energy company in Harare, Zmbabwe with a focus on supplying Zimbabwe and Africa at large with 24-hour uninterrupted power supply.

Pro Solar Solutions aims to Provide Affordable, Sustainable, and Reliable Solar Energy installations in the Homes and Offices in Zimbabwe. We believe every Zimbabwean should have access to a Sustainable and cost-effective source of energy.

We provide Solar Solutions, Inverter backup, Off-grid, Mini-grid Solutions in Zimbabwe.

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Professional Solar Systems (ProSolar Systems) Is A Leader In The Solar Systems In Zimbabwe. We Offer A Wide Variety Of Renewable Energy Products. Sales Associate
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